About Us

France 24 Watch is an independent blog covering the global 24 hour news network France 24.

Its main goals are to:

1. Collect news about France 24.

2. Provide a forum for constructive criticism about the network.

3. Provide analysis of France 24’s coverage of the news.

France 24 Watch is in no way affiliated with France 24.


Email the editor of France24Watch at:



One Response to About Us

  1. dynomutt says:

    France 24 should keep the design of their graphics and news scrolls clean and simple. They should strive to become the “Apple Computer” of 24 hour news.

    Despite that, IMHO, I think that they should put a live subtitles at the bottom of the screen in the language that is not in use during that time. French subtitles during the Anglophone broadcast and English subtitles during the diffusion Francophone. They should be small and inobtrusive. As a present example, New Yorkers can see France 2’s half-hour daily news (“Le Journal”) broadcast in French with subtitling in English on broadcast channel 25. Subtitles can be very useful. They help in allowing for a cultural exchange and learning the individual quirks of languages.

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