Time On France 24

Time magizine, the largest American newsweekly, has an article up on France 24.

The interesting bit is the speculation on what the upcoming French election will mean for France 24’s funding. The newschanel is President Chirac’s baby, and between Sarkozy on the right and Royal on the left, Chirac has no natural heir to his cultural hypernationalism  and the expenisve France 24 will have no gauranteed allies in the new government no matter what the outcome of the election.

Considering the current fiscal troubles of the French state and the absurdity of funding two international channels, something has to give.

The question is will France 24 survive?

The implication of the author is that France 24 has precious little time to prove its worth.


One Response to Time On France 24

  1. Sylvain FLAMANT says:

    Of course, France 24 has its place!I read that it is redundant with TY5, But does TV5 have a strong presence on Internet? Does it have a channel in english ( and later in arabic and spanish ) reaching deeper into the non-francophone public? TV5 and France24 are serving different markets. Could we combine some of TV5 ressources with France 24? Maybe. Should we give up on the experiment with France 24 ? The response might come from other countries. Recently the governement of Japan has decided on a future all-news channel project representing the japanese view point even if it has to be funded with public money! We are also seeing some effort from the Germans and the Russians to expand their international news channels. Obviously at a time when some people in France are wondering if the effort is worth the cost, other countries seem to think that the french example to break into the anglo-saxon monopole needs to be followed …


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