The France 24 Poll

In a very encouraging development, France 24 has commisioned a multi-national poll asking citizens about withdrawal from Iraq.

Perhaps not surprisingly a majority of people in every country polled wanted the American forces to withdraw.

What’s exciting, however, is France 24’s decision to commision the poll in the first place.

Most national cable news orginizations are involved in national polling in some way. CNN partners with Gallop in the United States, for example. But this is the first time I’ve seen a international poll comissioned by an international news channel. Such polls are usually done by orginizatoins like the Pew Center and are fascinating in their own right.

But when a news orginization comissions a poll it naturally gets more coverage. The Internatoinal Herald Tribune, perhaps the most influental English-language daily in the world picked up the story.

With this poll France 24 is partnering with Harris Interactive, a respeted American polling firm who often works with the Wall Street Journal and Le Monde, the largest French daily.

With all this going for it The France 24 Poll looks like a winner.


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