Thinking On Its Feet

On Its Feet

France 24 was probably launched a few months before it was entirely ready.For that reason several critics have panned the network for inferior production values. These critics neglect France 24’s best atouts, however- low expectations and lots of room for improvement.

This past week France 24 has made many numerous small changes that cumulatively are building a better network.

One of the best examples of this is the new “English Version Back At” banner. The most annoying feature of the English feed is that it cut to its French version without warning in the Parisian afternoon.

Now the viewer is told the French version will be up next, and best of all a little banner tells the viewer when the English feed will be back.

Little things like this make a huge difference, and the fact that France 24 is adding them fast is both encouraging and the reason why I’ve held off writing France24 Watch’s extensive review, which should be finished for this Wednesday, the two week anniversary of the launch.


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