Lost In Translation: Sciences-Po

Please do not pronounce the “science” in “Science-Po” in the English way when talking in English.

It makes no sense to pronounce the first word as if it were English and then use “po” a French abbreviation for “politique”.

If you must just translate it as “The Institute of Political Studies”, but preferably just keep the original pronunciation.

If Andrea Sanke can learn to pronounce one French word right, this needs to be it.


3 Responses to Lost In Translation: Sciences-Po

  1. dynomutt says:

    “Genre” in English as I understand it is pronounced jawne-ra or john-ra . That French word has been in the English dictionary long enough that it has its own common English pronunciation. Without context, I wouldn’t have known what she was saying when she pronounced it as ‘jawne’ without the hard ‘-re’.

  2. saveoregon says:

    Right but “Science-Po” is a proper noun.

    Proper nouns should generally be pronounced in the original language.

  3. fantastic research man

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