American Conservatives Review France 24

There are no two things more anathematic to the American conservative than the French and government-funded broadcasting.

Little wonder than that conservative organisation Accuracy In Media has released a scathing, if poorly researched, review of France 24.

Entitled “France Copys Al-Jazeera“, the piece by Andy Selepek , one of AIM’s valiant interns, claims that France 24 is designed to “counter American influence in the world”.

This much is certainly true, and in fact this mission lay at the heart of the network’s creation.

But Selepak continues:

It also seems designed to give us a more sympathetic view of those behind international terrorism. France, of course, was the scene of violent Muslim riots in 2005 and is considered by many to be the base for “Eurabia,” the coming takeover of Europe by Muslim Arabs.

This passage is, of course, a fact-challenged farce.

France’s decline to support the American invasion of Iraq does not mean that it has a sympathetic view of international terrorism.

Indeed, France had been the target of Islamic terrorism for much longer than the United States, and has consequently adopted the toughest anti-terror regime in the Western world.

French anti-terror laws make the Patriot Act look like it was written by Amnesty International. All French mosques are under surveillance for the simple reason that they are mosques. French police have the power to detain anyone suspected of providing even minimal support to terror-affiliated groups indefinitely and without trial.

The French secret services are the only agencies to have penetrated an Al-Quada linked cell. Thier human resources in the Arab and Muslim world are the best in the West and their information is often valuable to the CIA.

The French people themselves are not particularly tolerant of even moderate forms of Islam. Unlike in the United States, the French left does not believe in the virtues of tolerance and multiculturalism at home, but rather their socialist ideals compels them to reject radical religion as the most dangerous form of communautarisim.

In 2004 Interior Minister and presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkosy pushed though a ban on wearing the Muslim veil in public schools, claiming that it was an insult to women. The vote passed 494-36.

Such action or unanimity in the United States would be unthinkable.

And indeed the French view the “Anglo-Saxon” tolerance of Islam in the public shpere as dangerously lax. When the July 2005 bombings hit in London the common reaction in France was “What do you expect? That’s what ‘tolerance’ gets you.”

France clearly is no friend of radical Islam. But what of the second charge that France is in danger of being swamped by hordes of the descendants of the army Charles Martel defeated at Tours?


The 2005 riots showed serious, critical problems with the French state and society.

But these problems have nothing to do with Islam, and everything to do with France’s ruinous, absurd economic policies that have made the French look upon the current 8.8% unemployment as an improvement on the decades in the double digits.

The young unemployed Muslims who rioted in 2005 did so not because they were young and unemployed, not because they were Muslim.

Indeed most French Muslims are Muslims the way most French Catholics are Catholics. They are more likely to quote Homer J. Simpson than the Prophet Mohammad.

Ironically, the malaise of young French Arab is so acute precisely because they aren’t very Muslim at all. They don’t feel either French or Arab. Very few of them speak Arabic. Fewer sill attend mosque. And almost none of them have ever lived anywhere but France. And yet they still aren’t fully part of French society, unable to find the jobs that would propel them out of the immigrant communities they come from and into wider French society.

Hardly radical, French Muslims stand little chance of ever turning France into the “Eurabia” of Bill Kristol’s crack-induced nightmeres.

French demographics are very different from those of the rest of Europe. The French fertility rate stands at 1.9, the highest in Europe and equal to that of the United States (excluding recent immigrants).

The immigration rate, however, is much lower in France and crucially, French births are not concentrated in the immigrant population but encouraged in the general population by government policy.

In the United States, however, the fertility rates for Hispanics is above 3, while the rate for the rest of the population is below replacement.

The US stands a much better chance of being “Amerexico” than France does of being “Eurabia”


Unsurprisingly Selepak’s critique of France 24 is just as faulty as that of France in general.

Aside from wanting to curb the influence of the United States, France 24 and Al-Jeezera have very little in common.

A more appropriate comparison would be with the BBC, which is roundly criticized even in Britian for being rabidly left-wing.

Why don’t American conservatives go after the BBC as being “pro-terrorist”?

Apparently thier only critera when judging European anti-terror policies is the government’s position on the Iraq war.

The need to counter that kind of dangerous, ignorant thinking is the best justification I’ve seen yet for France 24’s existence.


13 Responses to American Conservatives Review France 24

  1. toto says:

    All French mosques are under surveillance for the simple reason that they are mosques.



  2. saveoregon says:


    Is this not true?

    The DST suveilles all mosques in France for radical activity.

    You can’t do that in the United States without a warrent.

    You can in France.

  3. saveoregon says:


    Is this not true?

  4. saveoregon says:

    Link added for proof.

  5. Richard says:

    If you really think the BBC is left wing and “pro terrorist”, I suggest you check out the “Have Your Say” section of the BBC Internet site, which features a good section of right-wing comments.

    I suggest starting with the one on extremism.

    There is also a topic covering Have Your Say here.

    Given that the BBC accused former UN Worker Dennis Halliday of “being an apologist for Saddam Hussain”, I don’t think you could call it pro-terrorist. The BBC is only criticized for being left-wing by Rupert Murdoch’s news organs suchas the Times. And the rgiht-wing press, which number papers such as the Daily Mail. Most centerist and left-wing outlets, such as The Guardian or Channel 4 News, are fine with the BBC.

  6. saveoregon says:

    Hold on I think you misread that passage.

    I was saying that its absurd to call France 24 pro-terrorist without mentioning the BBC.

    They have very simalar editorial lines.

    But I didn’t call either pro-terrorist.

    I’m reviewing a passage from a press release sent out by a conservative orginization.

  7. Monique says:

    Wow!! You seem to be boasting about the intollerance of the french society and pffffffing the USA tolerance for immigrants.
    One man’s opinion of France 24 should not be used to attack the American ideals, which if I remembered correctly was influenced somewhat by teh French revolution more than Anglo saxon world. I will tell you a story I am Jamaica born, 8 years ago I migrated to USA as an International student. USA immigration laws does not allow me to work outside of my college campus, but I had to work to cover expenses, eventually with teh devaluation of teh Jamaica dollar money from Jamaica was useless so I had to find work to pay my tutition. I was able to work fulltime while attending school fulltime. I am in my last semester,I work $45,000 per year(Now I have LEGAL Papers to work) I pay my own bills and I have never asked the state for money. This would never happen in FRANCE …even with its great social services..I am a black immigrant and while USA is not racial perfect the fact that I can achieve my dream here speaks volume about this country..I Love this country I adore this country I pledge fully to this country..I know black immigrants from france who after completing colleges had to come to USA to achieve ….I choose tolerance anyday…because we may have been attacked but Muslims here don’t do teh things that muslims do in france mentioned in your article….It seems that you prefer to hold up the french attitude over america’s tolerance…that is sad…non white Immigrants in France say “je detest france” in USA we love USA always…I wish my history teacher could see this..he thought us a romantic idea of france of equality, liberty and fraternity!!! held up french as ideal…i think i should sue him for lying to me

  8. Monique says:

    By the Way…Americans Love the fact that they protect all citizens …regardless of religion, creed, race or color..though may not always happen perfectly and some minorities do suffer….
    We love the fact that we have the ACLU and we love that citizen rights are respected and that Government for most part cannot just follow you for no reasons…If intollerance is the way to be..why do you have UNESCO head quarters in france..shouldn’t it be somewhere more tollerant….I guess I am just shocked!!!!!! at this article…I guess CNN was right France is a racist country..I thought it was media propoganda but I guess not!!! wow!!!!!!!!!!!!I guess God Bless America realyy afterall….thank God for France vingt-quatre…now people willsee that america is not teh enemy of freedom…

  9. saveoregon says:

    Personally I do think French society is more racist than the United States.

    It also has less respect for civil liberties.

    I really don’t think I’m boasting about this, its just the way it is.

    My point is that its absurd to accuse France of being soft on terror.

    Wether or not they go to far is a different matter.

  10. Joestarr says:

    I appreciated Saveoregon post, I agree 100%
    Regarding Monique
    I am sorry the racism your mentionning is so fake
    and the open attitude is to be open that is why France24 is in Arabic
    languages if you do think it’s a threat .. guess who’s racist ???

  11. dove rodenberger says:

    pfff…rien qu’à voir ton pseudo on peut deviner que tu n’es qu’un inculte d’américain…tout comme ton pote bush…you’re just a racist and “conservative” american. you never lived in France so shut your mouth please. and why american fuckers like you tell to others what they should do all the time??? let the french people do what he wants to do and get the f*ck out!!! french journalists are much more professional than american ones…american news are just for fun, “pour amuser la gallerie” alors va cultiver ton champs d’OGM et tu diras à ton cher président qu’il suive l’exemple de son pote blair: ca lui ferait du bien lui aussi de partir avant l’heure prévue, ok?

  12. dove says:

    and monique…smoking is bad…surtout quand c’est la moquette!!! mdr…

  13. trerbeaurdy says:

    Heh.. Are you tuned in to my testy item Fresh joke! What did one wall say to the other wall? Meet you at the corner.

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