The Dailymotion Factor

daily motion

One of the most interesting facets of France 24’s launch is its “partnership” with video-sharing site Daily Motion.

Daily Motion, bel et bien francaise, is a popular video sharing site in the spirit of the now ubiquitous Youtube.

The site is not well known in the United States outside of the techie community, but it is a well regarded Youtube alternative to those who know it.

Its good to see France 24 parter with Dailymotion becuase it shows the TV news industry begining to engage new media, which is the future of all media.

So far the partnership seems to be limited to Dailymotion providing video viewer participation on certain France 24 talk shows, which is great, but to truly engage new media, France 24 should go one tep further.

Rather than partner with Dailymotion, France 24 should become it.

France 24 should be the first major news orginization to allow their videos to be shared and posted though embedding. France 24 is the upstart underdog in the international news race, it needs an agressive, innovatve distribution strategy to overcome the many obstacles it faces.

“Youtubing” France 24’s content so that it could be viewed away from France 24’s website would make it more available to the online world.

I’m certain there will be all kinds of copyright issues here. (Although today Dailymotion itself is a more prolific copyright violator than even Youtube). And these issues may be intractable in the short-term.

But in the long term, every news orginization will have to find a way to allow videosharing, because the market demands it. If France 24 can find a legal way to be the first news network to enable the embedding of its videos, it would instantly transform France 24 into the darling of the internet, increase the network’s audience, and establish France 24’s future firmly in a new media strategy.

Next on France 24?


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