Where’s Mélissa?

The American Dream

The blogosphere is abuzz with reaction to France 24’s debut, a topic which I’ll cover more thouroughly later. But for now, a surprising find.

Perhaps the most surprisingly widespread reaction I have come across- especially from Americans- is the following question:

Why didn’t they hire Mélissa Theuriau?

Apparently Americans have a shockingly high awareness of the former LCI anchor, and many assumed the French would put thier prettiest face forward on thier beloved new network. We can presumably thank “Le Youtube” for this phenomenon. Just one video of Mme. Theuriau has been viewed more than 387,000 times.

Even a staunchy conservative blog that posted a francophobic rant that went so far as to call France 24 “The Frog Network” (a reference to American distaste for the precieved French fondness for eating frog legs), had to include a compliment to Mme. Theuriau.

France is notorious for assigning diplomatic value to its beauties (I remember reading once that Sophie Marceau inexplicably accompanied François Mitternand to trade negoiations in Asia.)

But I’m not even sure Mme. Theuriau speaks English, and besides Andrea Sanke looks quite a bit like her.

If Mme. Theuriau happens to be anglophone, however, her popularity abroad would be a very strong asset for a network looking for English-speaking viewers.


One Response to Where’s Mélissa?

  1. dynomutt says:

    I submit my vote for more attractive French anchoresses wearing tight leather jackets on France 24.

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