Antoine Schwarz Calls For Public Media Shake Up

Antoine Schwarz, head of Radio France Internationale, called for a shake-up of France’s internaional public media in an article written in Le Monde.

The article, which largely served to welcome France 24 to the French media scene, also critized the lack of coordination between the five publicly financed French internatoinal media outlets.

“Several orginizatons with similar missions coexist: RFI, TV5, Canal France International and France 24. Each develops on its own without any real coherance, and with reduplication of resources. France is the only country which allows this kind of segmentation in its international broadcasting efforts”

M. Schwarz called for the National Assembly to “lay the groundwork for a new orginization” in order to “define a coherent strategy and optimise our resources.”


France’s current system of five publicly financed international television and radio broadcasters clearly needs to be refined. There are most certainly cost sharing opportunities to be had, and I believe that France’s services would do better to operate under a universal brand akin to the BBC, rather than the coufusing mix of acroynms one finds today. That said, however, it is probably wise to keep operational contol seperate to allow each broadcaster to focus on what it does best.

France 24 and TV5, however, should at the very least merge thier news divisions.


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