The France 24 Poll

December 31, 2006

In a very encouraging development, France 24 has commisioned a multi-national poll asking citizens about withdrawal from Iraq.

Perhaps not surprisingly a majority of people in every country polled wanted the American forces to withdraw.

What’s exciting, however, is France 24’s decision to commision the poll in the first place.

Most national cable news orginizations are involved in national polling in some way. CNN partners with Gallop in the United States, for example. But this is the first time I’ve seen a international poll comissioned by an international news channel. Such polls are usually done by orginizatoins like the Pew Center and are fascinating in their own right.

But when a news orginization comissions a poll it naturally gets more coverage. The Internatoinal Herald Tribune, perhaps the most influental English-language daily in the world picked up the story.

With this poll France 24 is partnering with Harris Interactive, a respeted American polling firm who often works with the Wall Street Journal and Le Monde, the largest French daily.

With all this going for it The France 24 Poll looks like a winner.


Lost In Translation: Microsoft’s A She?

December 21, 2006

The new “Beyond Business” segement recently featured a piece that refered to the agro-conglomerate Bunge as “she”. [sic]

Now would be a good time to explain the very, very rare circumstances in the English language where a gender pronoun is used for inanimate things.

1. Ships

2. Countries

That’s it.

It doesn’t work for companies, and even with countries it sounds a bit antiquated.

TV Advert

December 20, 2006

A very good TV advert for France 24. If you happen to know the name of the song please let us know.

Lost In Translation: Sciences-Po

December 19, 2006

Please do not pronounce the “science” in “Science-Po” in the English way when talking in English.

It makes no sense to pronounce the first word as if it were English and then use “po” a French abbreviation for “politique”.

If you must just translate it as “The Institute of Political Studies”, but preferably just keep the original pronunciation.

If Andrea Sanke can learn to pronounce one French word right, this needs to be it.

Helpful Hint 03: Post A Schedule

December 19, 2006

France 24 should put a page somewhere on their website that shows the programing schedule.

As it is all we have is this blog post, but its becoming out of date.

Something like this would work just fine.

Thinking On Its Feet

December 19, 2006

On Its Feet

France 24 was probably launched a few months before it was entirely ready.For that reason several critics have panned the network for inferior production values. These critics neglect France 24’s best atouts, however- low expectations and lots of room for improvement.

This past week France 24 has made many numerous small changes that cumulatively are building a better network.

One of the best examples of this is the new “English Version Back At” banner. The most annoying feature of the English feed is that it cut to its French version without warning in the Parisian afternoon.

Now the viewer is told the French version will be up next, and best of all a little banner tells the viewer when the English feed will be back.

Little things like this make a huge difference, and the fact that France 24 is adding them fast is both encouraging and the reason why I’ve held off writing France24 Watch’s extensive review, which should be finished for this Wednesday, the two week anniversary of the launch.

France 24 Reporter Shot In Palestine

December 18, 2006

A France 24 reporter has been shot in the leg while covering the violence in Palestine, according to a report by the International Freedom of Expression Exchange.

Didier François, a Liberation reporter who recently joined the network, was hit when covering clashes between Hamas and the members of the Presidential Guard.

He was evacuated to Israel for medical care and his injuries are not life-threatening.